Android 2017 Wallpaper

By Love HD | December 25, 2016

Android continues to experience good growth over the years and has managed to become a pioneer OS on various gadgets, such as smartphones, phablet and tablet PCs. In 2017, the latest Android OS version 7 also known as Android Nougat will be increasingly used by the user, especially on smartphones and the latest Android tablet the upper middle class. Android Nougat be after the latest version of Android was introduced in March 2016 and the current status is Second Beta that claimed to be more stable than the first version. Nougat as the successor to Android brings new features such as notification display, the screen split-screen multitasking when used, as well as features that have been introduced in Doze Android version Marshmallow but with a much improved performance.

Nougat Android platform also has support for the latest Google virtual reality, but only for devices that support only. Previously, a lot of rumors circulating related naming of this latest Android operating system, ranging from the New York Cheesecake, Neyyapam, also Nutella  Nougat is a sweet snack made of sugar, honey, baked beans, egg white, and sometimes accompanied by dried fruits. In 2017 the use of Android, including the most recent version will be more widespread and in demand in many gadgets supporters scattered in various countries around the world. As the main display or desktop on smartphones and tablet PCs, Android presents a feature attraction of the user interface, 3D wallpaper, HD wallpaper, and Android live wallpaper. Below is a gallery of Android 2017 wallpaper with widescreen picture and full HD photo quality.