Beach Girl Wallpaper

By Love HD | July 27, 2016

The beach is one of the best places to travel, sports, sun, nature photography, object to the wallpaper image, HD video recording, and refreshing to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Not complete it if you go to the beach do not perform routines such as sunbathing. Activities sunbathing on the beach is generally carried out by Europeans and Americans, and of the white race. Activities sunbathing on the beach wearing only underwear or bikini costume, where they lay on the beach, reading, listening to music, massage activity, jogging, yoga, or chatting with a friend and partner. In addition to refreshing and enjoy the freshness of the beach, sunbathing on the beach activity is indeed a great benefit to health, especially the health of skin and bones.

Activities sunbathing on the beach by getting direct sunlight will benefit us, because the content of the sun in the form of a substance that can provide intake for healthy skin and body. Ultraviolet (UV) sunlight is beneficial to the human body. There are 3 kinds of UV rays, the UVA, UVB, and UVC:

1. UVA is UV light with the longest wavelength, and therefore can penetrate the inner skin.

2. UVB rays are shorter UV wavelength than UVA, which can work limited to the surface layers of the skin.

3. UVC is the shortest UV rays and harmful to the skin including, but that there is no authentic evidence clearly describing the harmful effects of UVC for humans. Because UVC rays do not reach to the earth, where before it reaches the earth, UVC rays are absorbed by the already depleted ozone layer.

Common benefits from basking in the sun:

– The sun’s UV rays can stimulate the skin to produce vitamin D

– UV rays can increase the production of melanin (tanning)

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