Cute Cat Wallpaper HD

By Love HD | April 30, 2016

Like humans, cute cat also has his own body language to show how her feelings to the surrounding environment. Cats have a habit, character, and skills of each one according to the behavior in the environment, genetics, nutrition, and treatment of their owners. So that we can be good friends who loved cats, so our communication with the cat must stay in touch with the good. To be a good friend to funny kitten, of course, we must recognize the temperament, character, habits, and even understand the movement of the cat’s body since he was little. So we came to know when cats were wanted his own and do not want to be disturbed, when the cat wants to play with, if the cat is more sad or more happy, even when the cat is sick. Cute cat is an animal species that depend on the area they inhabit and use signs aromatic called pheromones to help build and maintain the property and power. Smells is an important sign to communicate with other kitten that are emitted by a number of glands throughout the body for peace and compassion.

If sweet cat rubbing cheek to our bodies, meaning it does not just take or leave marks odors, but also create a relationship based on physical contact. Cat’s mood can be seen from the movement of the body like, funny cat tilting and moving the head to the rear, is a sign of someone who approached him. Pretty cat closes half an eye and ear a little twist to the side, meaning the cat is feeling good about themselves. When spoiled cat ears being directed forward, then around to the back, followed by shrinking the eye pupil, means a warning that the cat is angry. When the cat’s tail suddenly enlarged condition, or even the whole fur enlarged it a sign that the cat is in a state extremely vigilant, about to fight, and fear. Cats are very docile animals, spoiled, funny, cute, energetic, and also adorable, if we are really familiar and in love with them. Here is photo collection of free cute cat wallpaper HD with high quality picture and widescreen resolution.