Gigi Hadid HD Photos

By Love HD | March 19, 2017

Gigi Hadid is a woman beautiful, charming, talented, and successful at a young age. Those are some words that can describe the figure of Gigi Hadid. Another fact which depicts a famous artist is that Gigi Hadid has many brothers, ie siblings, and half brother of different mothers. Gigi Hadid’s got the younger brother, Anwar and Bella. In addition, she also has two sisters from one father, and also has five sisters from their stepfather. Although as an artist, in fact Gigi Hadid is a girl who is not too happy with the party, especially a party that until the morning. Gigi Hadid has many close friends, such as Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner, but the friend closest to her, was her mother is Yolanda Foster.

Gigi Hadid’s father is Mohamed Hadid, a real estate developer descent Jordan-United States. Like houses and hotels that he builds, the residence of her father as well as a magnificent, even more suitable called a palace rather than a luxury home, and luxurious castle was called Le Belvedere, which is supposedly equal to USD 85 million. In addition to dozens of rooms contain lux, Le Belvedere is also equipped with elevators, 19 fireplaces, 8 rose garden, a private spa which can accommodate 12 people, a beautiful swan pond, and a wine cellar containing 5,000 bottles of wine. For ballroom with a capacity of 200 people, home theatre Baroque style, where banquets outdoors which can accommodate 100 guests, and a grand kitchen to match a five star hotel kitchen. Here is free best gallery of Gigi Hadid HD photos which can use as desktop wallpaper for laptop, smartphone, iPhone, also for Windows phone wallpaper.