Girl in Kimono Wallpaper

By Love HD | September 9, 2015

The prominence of traditional Japanese cloth is worldwide and we often see its use in a variety of cultural events, fashion show, model photo contest, television show, cinematography, events shooting, performing arts, and in everyday life in Japan. Kimono word itself comes from two words, namely “ki” is taken from the word “kiru” which means “to wear”, and the word “mono” is used to refer to the goods in Japanese. Kimono whole consists of several types and each used in different situations. As customary fashion that remains elegant, classic, and full of charm, Kimono maintained its existence and also in the development of designs to suit modern and contemporary fashion models. Kimono very suitable subject in accordance with the type and time, which adjusted for sex and age. As is the case for the kind of modern clothes, then there kimono used for children, kimono for teenage girls, kimono for adolescent male or female, kimono for adult men, and of course kimono for women. Some types of kimono in Japan is ; Furisode, Tamesode, HoMongi, Tsukesage, Komon, and Tsumugi.

Here are some photos of the Japanese girls in kimono dress as girl in kimono wallpaper which can be downloaded for free and used as wallpaper on your PC, tablet, Android smartphone, BlackBerry, and also as wallpaper on iPhone. Kimono desktop wallpapers or photos, it covers ; beautiful kimono girl photo, classic kimono wallpaper, cool Japanese woman kimono, cute geisha in kimono photo, cute kimono girl desktop, hot geisha with kimono, Japanese girl kimono wallpaper, Japanese kimono HD photo, Japanese teen kimono wallpaper, Japanese young teen kimono, kimono girl desktop, modern kimono dress, red kimono wallpaper, sexy Japanese kimono dress, sweet Japanese girl in kimono wallpaper, sweet kimono girl wallpaper, teen japan girl in kimono, and traditional female kimono wallpaper.

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