Miss USA 2016 Swimsuit Wallpaper

By Love HD | June 11, 2016

Evening peak of Miss USA 2016 has been held in Las Vegas, on Sunday, June 5, 2016. A number of beautiful women from the US compete for the crown of Miss USA 2016 was eventually won by Deshauna Barber of the District of Columbia, as Miss USA 2016 winners. The beautiful and sexy woman, known was an officer in the US army. She beat 51 other women from across the US, in the Miss USA pageant in 2016. The victory woman who is also the IT analysis itself is a pride for the District of Columbia. Deshauna become Miss USA 64th. She won in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview. She considered not only beautiful, sexy, sociable, but also intelligent. Reported, almost everyone believes the 26-year-old woman will be earned the crown of Miss USA 2016, after hearing the answer Deshauna when she gets questions from the jury.

She asked about the United States military opportunities for women. She replied that as a woman who joined the US military, felt so amazing when the government decided to integrate women into every branch of the military. She thinks that women are also as strong as men. She is strong and dedicated, and most importantly that gender does not limit their use in the US Army. The Deshauna answering makes she managed to beat 2 competitors, namely Miss Georgia and Miss Hawaii 2016. She had the right to replace the task of Olivia Jordan, the winner of Miss USA 2015. Here are 10 semifinalists Miss USA 2016 HD wallpaper in bikini or swimsuit costume.