Pretty Chinese Wallpaper

By Love HD | October 12, 2016

Asian women and girls in the various countries are known for the charm and natural beauty since ancient times. One beauty of Asian women can be found in the country of China, and a fraction of those countries. China is well known lady with white skin beauty, clean, and smooth, so do not be surprised if many Chinese women will look younger than their real age. China is known pretty girls because they have an existing beauty potion handed down from ancestors. Some of the beauty secrets of China makes Chinese girl still look pretty, sexy, flawless and ageless, among others, by using green tea leaves, rice water, green beans, spices, fruit peel, flowers, and others. Chinese woman really believe in the efficacy of green tea leaves and use them as a means of beauty care. The content of green tea is rich in antioxidants, which can improve skin elasticity and prevent the signs of premature aging, thereby reducing the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Rice washing water used for beauty care, because rice has many benefits, one of which used to serve as the Chinese women face a natural toner. In addition there are simple ways that do Chinese women in beauty care for the face that is with a brush sweep. Rubbed gently on the face using a brush can lift dead skin cells and improve blood circulation in the skin. Once clean of dead skin cells, and use moisturizer to keep skin protected from dryness. Meanwhile, to relieve a swollen face and acne. Pretty Chinese girls also wear a mask of green bean extract as a raw material. How, boiled and mashed green beans in advance, and stick to the surface of the face for 15 minutes. Women in China also use oil as their facial cleanser. Oils used include olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, to remove dirt in the face. Here is the gallery of free pretty Chinese wallpaper in widescreen quality photo HD for desktop background.