Sexy Windows 10 Wallpaper

By Love HD | April 20, 2016

Windows 10 is a computer operating system for the latest from Microsoft, as well as the OS for the computer, Windows 10 has also been prepared as an OS that is highly compatible with tablet PCs as well as for Windows Phone. Windows 10 has been officially released and marketed worldwide in July 2015, with the security system, display, performance, and features that are certainly more smooth, stable, and faster than previous versions, ie Windows 8 and Windows 7. In addition UI (User Interface) in Windows 10 had a very nice and simple, so it is very easy to use by the user. Start to see has changed and much like the look of the Start menu Windows 7 and Windows 8 combined. You can control all in one view without complicated and very easy to use. Where the desktop display and a live wallpaper HD that is more varied than the previous version, as well as support for monitors with touch screen technology.

Another interesting feature in Windows 10 is Cortana, the tool could be a personal assistant. Cortana was first known to the public when it was released on Windows Phone. Cortana can you tell just by using your voice by clicking on the microphone icon as a reminder, search, and many more functions. Then for browsers include Microsoft Edge is a browser developed by the Project Spartan and also as a replacement for Internet Explorer. When compared to the speed with other browsers, Microsoft Edge recognized superior, and also more work for the user, such as a browser note, and read mode. As an ornamental display the Windows 10, we always use a photo as wallpaper or desktop HD and widescreen resolution as a wallpaper laptop, tablet wallpaper and as the Windows phone wallpaper.

Here is free photo of sexy windows 10 wallpaper :